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Light-Matter Interactions in Photonic Crystal Fibers

By wescley - Posted on 10 abril 2012

Alexander L. Gaeta
Qui, 14/08/2008
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Photonic crystal fibers (PCF's) are optical fibers with a cross section that consists of a periodic array of airholes with a "defect" that corresponds to the fiber core. These recently developed fibers offer exceptional flexibility in their light propagation characteristics, including the ability to guide light in a hollow core. In our recent studies we investigate the properties PCF's with sub-wavelength cores, and show that such fibers can be used to generate single-cycle laser pulses. In addition, we perform experiments with atoms and molecules injected into hollow-core PCF's, and for the case of Rb atoms injected into the core, coherent nonlinear interactions at extremely low light levels can be achieved.